Friday, 17 May 2013

Chee-Chee part 2

At the same time as I'm painting up my Scourge I'm making some preparations for Chee-Chee. The resin 'bits and bobs' I mentioned in my earlier post have arrived and I've begun some of the necessary work on them. I intend to create a scenic base for Chee-Chee and my idea is to have him bursting out from the gates of London Zoo and onto the streets . After a bit of searching Reality in Scale provided two of the elements I was looking for so I've now got my Zoo gates (well half of then any way!) and a victorian style lampost.

I'm very pleased with my purchases! The kits consist of a mix of materials including resin, lazer cut card and printed acetate. The lamp post come as a set of two so I've a spare if I ever want to do a Narnia diorama! The gateway is a pretty flexible kit and also comes with options for a wooden (resin) and wrought iron (lazer cut card) gate.

Assembly on the lamp post was straight forward although a bit fiddly. Not the least because I needed to paint the inside of the lamp before assembly. I may need to do a little work to customise these pieces and the overall composition will take a some careful planning but It's a good start.


  1. Hi - these are great products. Was just searching for quality stuff for terrain building and this store had a lot of goodies. By the way - happy I found your blog. I got the 1990 Fantasy Miniature book (in 1990) and was amazed by your work and been a fan ever since. It really stood out back then. Great to see that you are back! /Hans

  2. Hi & thanks!
    Reality in scale is well worth a browse and I think I'll be getting some more of their terrain myself.

  3. Can't wait to see your painting version of Chee Chee as I usualy love your work!!
    Note: I'm the sculptor of it, and hope you'll enjoy painting the beast :)