Monday, 20 May 2013

Painting the Third Scourge Part 7

I've been painting the inside surfaces of the wings over the past week. I've managed to put in a fair amount of time by setting aside an hour each evening for painting and this has worked out very well.
This 'a little but often' way of painting works well for me. I like to work in stages so I can sit back and consider each step before I move on. This makes it  easier for me to balance out and match the shading and texture across both wings.  Added to this my 46 year old eyes are no longer able to hold a close focus for as long as the used to, to but let's not dwell on that!
I'm very pleased with the results so far although I think I need to knock back the veins just a little with some glazes. They look OK but are a little bit stronger than on the previous two Scourge minis. Once thats sorted I'll paint up the arms and then I can turn my attention to the outside surfaces.

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