Tuesday 16 February 2016

Project Nurgle - Plague bearers part 4

Getting to grips with Project Nurgle!

With the Golden Demon painting competition on the horizon I’ve dusted off my plans to paint a unit of plague bearers. Although the project has been on hold, I’ve been giving it some thought; in particular’ the matter of a champion to lead the unit.

At first I planned to make the champion stand out through giving him a predominantly red colour scheme, but as time has passed, I’ve decided that I need to do a bit more. To that effect I’ve customised a champion for the unit. This has enabled me to make him more physically imposing than the other plague bearers in the unit.

Creating a custom champion turned out to be an enjoyable little project, but I was surprised by just how many minis went into this one! The champion includes parts from; Plague bearers, Gutrot Spume, Putrid Blightkings and a mutant from the Chaos Warshrine. In total eight miniatures blended together with plastic glue, green stuff and baking soda! 

Once I gave the mini a coat of primer it became easier to see it as a whole.

At the same time as I’ve been rebooting ‘Project Nurgle’ I’ve been trying out a new miniature holder. It’s the Crazy Grip from CrazyWenky, which I first saw reviewed on Massive Voodoo.

My first impression is extremely positive! Previously I've been using a pin vice but with a mini in place it's top heavy and badly balanced. It can also be uncomfortable to hold for long painting sessions. Straight away the CrazyGrip had a really good feeling of weight and balance to it! For ease of use and comfort alone the GrazyGrip will make an indispensible addition to my painting kit. 

I also appreciate its stability (even without the stand provided) when I put it down on my desk during painting. When I’m not handling a mini for painting I tend to stick it into a cork. Now I can keep my minis on their corks all the time. It’s simply a matter of popping the corked minis in and out of the handle (using the stand) as needed.


  1. Baking soda? What for, if I may ask? :)

    1. I've used baking soda mixed with vallejo matt varnish to build up the rough texture on the back of the plague bearer's neck & shoulders.

  2. Thanks for the small Review David :) I hope you enjoy it.

    Cheers Manuel