Saturday, 2 July 2011

Into The Woods part 10

The first test fitting of the Doctor & Amy in situ on the diorama. They are not properly fixed in place as yet, pending the other elements of the overall composition.

The Police box is finished. I needed to work with a lot of layers of diluted colour to achieve a subtle blend of the blue tones. Keeping the highlighting fine and sharp really helps to pull together the definition.


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  1. I don't watch Dr. Who, but my girlfriend is an avid fan and forced me to watch this particular episode (though I believe the angels of stone are in a few episodes, I watched the one with the black chap who is a police officer).
    I only mention this because I wouldn't have understood to the setup without seeing it and now that I have I can honestly say I think it's a brilliant diorama, excellent job mate), I am amazed how the sculptor managed to capture the Dr's face.