Monday, 4 July 2011

My Current Project a Dark Eldar Diorama

Having finished my Dr Who diorama I wanted to set about something a little more ambitious. The release of the new Dark Eldar minis from Games workshop caught my imagination. I’ve always had a soft spot for GWs Elves in all their variants. The minis that really got my attention were the Hellions and I began to work upon the notion of building a diorama around an aerial conflict between rival gangs.
Here is the base as it currently stands. 

I wanted the setting to have a sense of history something that would reflect the fall of a great civilisation and the resultant rise of something cruel and barbaric in its place.  Aggressive Dark eldar monoliths loom over the ruined remains of a colossal Eldar statue. Everything is in a state degeneration and all about are the ghastly trophies and totems of the Dark Eldar.
I've included a few views of some details.
The monoliths are made with super sculpey firm using real stones to stamp some texture into their surfaces.  The ruined Eldar statue is made from a plaster cast of an Ancient Egyptian head. It’s been re carved to give it a suitably Eldar look and then subjected to some distressing to give it a more ruinous look.
I intend to add a lot more detail to this base and really build up layers of use, decay, over growth and re-use to create something with a rich visual texture and a feeling of the passing of ages.

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