Friday, 8 July 2011

Dark Eldar Diorama – Scourge

I intended the diorama to feature two gangs of warring hellions. Then I clapped eyes on the new Scouge was love at first sight so the hellions will now be fighting the Scourges.
It was at about this time I was adding some more details to monoliths and I’d painted up some spare bits from the Talos set to use in this way. I guess I was a bit relaxed about how I approached the painting and started to experiment with using a brown basecoat and worked up from that using a selection of brown, gold, grey and blue tones. I really like the look of this so I wondered what would happen if I took the same approach to a Dark Eldar mini.

Here is the result. I feel that this is a very different approach to colour for me and it has some potential for exploration I particularly like the way it enables me to play with the contrast between warm and cool colours without resorting to 80s style day glow!


  1. This is really nice work. Been a fan of your stuff ever since I saw that Nurgle Predator, back in the day.In fact I was looking at this morning in an old GW hardback book I have. Now accept my friend request on FB(Luke Wilson) so i can see the updates there too. ;)

  2. BTW would love a tutorial on that wing. It is exactly what I want to do on a demon.


  3. Really loving the way you painted the wing, the softness of the colour while still looking so membrane like is fantastic, so glad you returned to the hobby :-)