Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dark Eldar Diorama - Starting the 3rd Scourge

Here we go again!

I want this third Scourge to match the first one I painted, but not to be identical so a little conversion is called for. I'm using the head option with the ponytail again. I really prefer it's sleeker look to the punk feathers on the majority of Scourge heads but I've swapped the ponytail with one from the wych box. 

I also wanted to change the way the Scourge is holding her spear. As the Scourge minis only have one option in the box I've done some chop and swap with a Hellion to get a two handed grip on the spear. This has also enabled me to create something of a mirroring of the Scourge's positions. This will come into play on the diorama as the two of them will be roughly on either side of the 'Scourge Witch' and I think this will help to create an interesting symmetry.

The wings haven't been fixed on properly yet. It will be a lot easier to paint them separately and then glue them in place.


  1. loving your work are you planning on doing anything for the golden demon next year?

  2. Thanks Alistair. Yes all going well, fingers crossed, touch wood ect. I'll be taking the Dark Eldar Diorama To GD.